Thursday, March 31, 2011


i dream of one day owning a beautiful pedestal table....
and by the time i actually have the opportunity to get one....
i'll probably have already changed my mind and moved on to another style!
because thats how we design folk are.....
but for now.

i love, love, love pedastal tables.

{love the industrial about casual dining!}
 {i think it'd be fun to have these metal chairs for spring/summer and then something a little more formal...maybe a parsons chair for fall/winter}

{chunky wood table with slipcovered chairs...fabulous!}

{i know i've used this image before...but that table is ediable!} :)

{white, black, wood, metal, glass....i'd take any combination i could get!}

{a little fancy for my taste, but still beautiful!}

Hope y'all are having a beautiful Thursday!

1 comment:

  1. I love pedestal tables too! The only problem for me is my family doesn't fit around one... we are too big! There are 5 of us. =)


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