Friday, March 4, 2011


as some of my family and friends well know....the one thing i'm not good at is cookin' up a meal.
i blame it mostly on the fact that i just haven't ever had anyone to cook for...

my mom was never a "big" cook either.
we ate the basics, mac n cheese, hot dogs, casseroles, and speghetti
easy stuff.

i think part of it is that i was never taught how to cook fancy meals, i was never brought up on fancy meals, and i'm not comfortable in the kitchen (probably due in part to some past fires, burnt food ect.)

i mean for goodness sakes, i am the girl that can't make jello without the whole thing boiling over! JELLO people, its 2 ingrediants and takes 5 minutes to make and i fail.

part of me learning new things is trying to become a little more suzie home maker.

i can decorate, do dishes, laundry, make beds, vaccumm, dust, pick up toys, by goodness i can birth a child, but i'm lacking in the cooking department.

last night i whipped up this recipe from the pioneer woman.....

and they were YUMMY and EDIABLE! not great for the waistline but they were good and reminded me of my grandma's cookin.

i served with corn and cheesy hash browns

if you don't know about pioneer woman, you should check her out, she is AMAZING.

on. a completely different note, we have friends coming from nebraska in a few hours and i have a list a mile long of stuff i need to do before they get here, so i must get going!

hope you all have a great, relaxing weekend!

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