Tuesday, March 1, 2011


we sadly said goodbye to my mom today.....we LOVED every second of having her here! we worked hard on the save the dates....we just need to address the envelopes and they will be sent off to all of our family and friends! :) we also got a ton of other wedding details knocked out, it was great to have her help with cash. she did a ton of lovin' on him.  pretty sure between me and her he got kissed 10,239,893,501 times.

here's our save the dates....{sorry....its a bad phone picture!}

chance and i also got a much needed date night last night, we haven't had one of those since cash was born....it was great! i nearly grabbed the diaper bag on the way out the door...it's become such a habit!

today i wish i were here....

is this not the most amazing place ever?
This is a church in Venice where visitors can lay on their backs, stare at the garden and pray, while the garden "does their thinking for them."

we totally need a church like this in Texas.  i would be there everyday.....

be back tomorrow with wiww and more!


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