Friday, March 25, 2011


Cleaning off all my "saved" pictures on the hard drive....these are some beautiful images if I do say so myself!
So inspiring, they make me smile.
you wanna know what else makes me smile...
it's FRIDAY!!!!!
can i get a "woo hoo!" ?

hope you all have a fun-filled smile worthy weekend!

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grey + white + stripes = *swoon*

come live in my heart and pay no rent. adorable.

love that subtle typography on the white walls. {wish i knew what it said!}

cute idea for a little boys room. obbessed with maps!

sweet chalkboard.

you know i love me some good neutrals & texture. and that drum shade...don't even get me started! I NEED IT! :)

yep. you are seeing things right. that's globes upside down on the i like it? umm no.
i LOVE it!

white white and more white. looks so clean....

another beautiful white kitchen....but what i really am focusing on is that banquet cute.
paired with those already know what i think!

and then i saved ANOTHER! the counter is a bit cluttery but i adore farmhouse sinks!

again...stripes....told you i'm obsessed! :)

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