Friday, March 4, 2011

{5 months}

Cash Austin,
you are just the sweetest thing I've ever gotten to know in my whole life. nothing else compares {besides your daddy of course!} to how you make me feel.  you can make me smile, the biggest smile in the whole world. you can make me laugh, like you are funniest comedian in town. you can make me happy, like a sunny summer day.  you can make me love, like I've never loved another.  

there is anything I wouldn't do for you.

between daddy and you....i feel like god must be looking down smiling at our happy little family made in his perfect timing, according to his perfect plan for our lives. i thank him every day for your precious little life that he may hold your hand and that you may know the love of your true heavenly father.

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5 months ago, you came into the world and changed our lives forever.  there is no greater love story than the love of a mother and her baby.  you took my breath away from the moment i laid eyes on you.  you have such an easy going disposition and you love to play and be with others.  you love anyone who smiles and talks to you.  we can tell already you are going to have a BIG  personality.

you weigh 18 lbs 7 oz and you are 26 1/2" long.  everyone talks about how big you are! we love your little rubber band arms and chubby fingers.  you try so hard to grasp your bottles because you want to hold them yourself, but your hands aren't quite big enough unless you hold both hands perfectly still.  you definitely know your bottle and reach for it when we hold it in front of you.  we gave you applesauce for the first time yesterday and you didn't care for it too much! you shivered and scrunched up your face (it must be a little tart!) you ate some of it with your spoon, but you aren't too used to swallowing food on a spoon yet.  you still love your rice cereal and get some 2 times a day.  you like to hold your own bottle (as long as it's not too heavy) that makes you look like a big boy and not a baby.

you are rolling everywhere, you don't stay in place when you lay down on the floor. we put you one place and you are half way across the floor in 1 minute.  we have bets going you will be crawling by 6 months.

you love to talk and still do a lot of it throughout the day, especially when you are upset about something you let out these squeaks.

we go on walks almost every day on the hike n bike, or to the park.

you love when i sing 'happy birthday" to you....if you are fussy i sing that to you and you instantly calm down, not sure what it is about it, but it works amazingly well.  if you are fussy you love to be near  window and look out. we watch the cars and trucks go by the house.  we also look at the birds chirping and if the trees are blowing int the wind. we talk about all sorts of things.

you love to play patty cake with your feet, we play that probably 20 times a day.  you also love to read stories, you follow the pages with your eyes and try and reach out to hold the book. your favorite books are the squeaky pig book and the farm book.

you wear clothes anywhere from sizes 6-12months. you are "ahead" of schedule.  we are just so blessed that you are healthy and growing strong.  your little arms are like rubber band arms, you have 4 rolls on each arm and we still can't see your wrists, mommy especially loves your rolls.  :)

you wear size 3 diapers but size 4 at night time because those darn bottle catch up with you at night!

lately you haven't been sleeping through the night, like you used to always do! Me and daddy got spoiled when you were sleeping through the night, now are are adjusting to less sleep. we think you might be working on a tooth because you chew and slobber on everything! you love putting your whole hand into your mouth and chewing on it.  you usually grab for whatever is in front of you and try to put it in your mouth. 

you can just about sit on your own if you put your two hands out to hold you up.  sometimes you fall to the side, but soon enough you will be sitting up all on your own without your arm support.

you are sooo ticklish. daddy puts his whiskers on your tummy and laugh soooo hard.  you are especially ticklish on the inside of your leg and under your arms.  you and daddy have lots of bonding time in the evenings when he comes home.  daddy loves making you laugh and giggle.

your favorite toys are your blue dog that sings "oh when the saints go marching in"
and your black and white cow lovey, frog lovey, your fish music box, and your blue bird.

you are such a blessing to our lives cash, i love looking into your baby blue eyes and wondering what you will be like when you grow up.  i'm trying to take in every second of every day with you because i know right now you are only 5 months, but soon you will be 5 years and i will want this time back.  we love the little man you are and will always be here for you no matter what. 

love you forever and always,

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