Thursday, March 31, 2011


i dream of one day owning a beautiful pedestal table....
and by the time i actually have the opportunity to get one....
i'll probably have already changed my mind and moved on to another style!
because thats how we design folk are.....
but for now.

i love, love, love pedastal tables.

{love the industrial about casual dining!}
 {i think it'd be fun to have these metal chairs for spring/summer and then something a little more formal...maybe a parsons chair for fall/winter}

{chunky wood table with slipcovered chairs...fabulous!}

{i know i've used this image before...but that table is ediable!} :)

{white, black, wood, metal, glass....i'd take any combination i could get!}

{a little fancy for my taste, but still beautiful!}

Hope y'all are having a beautiful Thursday!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Yes...i'm back tonight, to post that my sweet boy is officially 6 months old today.....
which means 6 months ago today i was..... 
you know the story....i won't scare any future to-be mommas out there.


all i have to say is it was thee best day of my life. 

{this was my view him in his bassinet}

{my sweet boy}

I thought I had an "idea" of what being a momma would be like.....

but really

I had no idea.....

that i could love another human being sooo very much!

Happiness is....the heart-swelling feeling of looking into his baby blue eyes knowing "he is mine."

{wiww + room inspiration} week 7

The mornings have been chilly, the afternoon's are beautiful, and the evenings it gets chilly again.  Layers are essential and quite helpful when you live in Texas in the spring....I usually start out with a cardi or scarf and shed it as the day goes on.  I've learned that not only are layers practical they also make outfits interesting. 

Layering textures, colors, patterns, and styles makes an outfit visually appealing.  Much like adding layers in a room.....mix and match and eventually you will get a combination you love! 

Also some exciting news....

I finally opened my etsy shop this week....check it out and let me know which one is your favorite! I'm offering FREE shipping today by entering the coupon code: SHOP10

oh yes, don't forget to enter my {chandy drop necklace} give-away here....
i'll be announcing the lucky winner April 1st!  

cardi: express
ruffle tank: f21
skinnies: target
brown boots: walmart
turquoise scarf: me
amazonite bracelets: me
earrings: von maur

color and room inspiration:

cardi: f21
black t: target
white jeans: express
camel belt: (umm....old ,like old as in from middle school! no joke. atleast it still fits...right?! :)
chandy drop necklace: my etsy shop
black flip flops (can't see): american eagle

color and room inspiration:

denim shirt dress: younkers
black leggings: new york and co.
black boots: wet seal
belt: von maur
coral necklace: me
flower bobby pin: f21

color and room inspiration:

stripe cardi: target
black tulle dress: target
black leggings: target
violet scarf: target
black cowboy boots: cavenders
pearl studs: f21
flower headband: new york and co.
 (it' super cute but I can only wear this headband for an hour before it starts squeezing my brain out.....does anyone else have this problem with headbands or is it just me?)

color and room inspiration:

grey & white stripe-y cardi: f21
coral dress: target
brown boots: walmart
turquoise tufted scarf: me
amazonite bracelets: me
gold earrings: von maur

color + room inspiration:

so....i'm dying to know....
which outfit is your favorite this week?

Come back again next week for more fun!
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


yes. my golden birthday is a few short weeks away....

so i thought i'd come up with a list of treats that are on my "wish list"

ruffle socks

i  really love this one...

Max & Chloe
 but for 57 bucks...that would cost more than usually my entire outfit would....
so i would happily settle for this look-a-like!

turquoise teardrop necklace


shabby apple dress

mustard cardigan

gorgeous ruffle bedding


and for my one really big splurge item...

My computer crashed shortly before christmas last year and thus I lost my photoshop (it was a student version) I was so bummed and have been missing it ever since!

I'd happily accept any of the above gifts....if anybody is feeling especially generous! ;)
(only kidding)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 28, 2011



not a drum like this....

a drum like this....

or this.....

or this....

hello gorgeous drum shades
{which are all over blog world}

i really need you in my life.


do any of you mommas out there have sophie the giraffe for your babies?
if sophie.

we actually call her "sophie girl" at our house.


We got Cash his very own sophie, and he LOVES her! She is just the perfect size for his little fingers, and he squeals in delight when she makes her squeaky sound. He held her nearly the entire first day we got her, i wanted to get him one a long time ago, but with a price tag of $22.00 for a piece of rubber i nearly flipped out! Chance and I weren't sold. But we finally decided to "splurge" a couple weeks ago and give it a shot since he has been chewing on everything within a 1 ft radius of himself! So glad we broke down and got sophie for him....he loves her.

Friday, March 25, 2011

{evy's tree}

I've been lusting over these hoodies for months! Amy is doing a giveaway...and she is running a "rainy day" sale. Go check out her fabulous ruffle-ly hoodies and enter to win one! 


Cleaning off all my "saved" pictures on the hard drive....these are some beautiful images if I do say so myself!
So inspiring, they make me smile.
you wanna know what else makes me smile...
it's FRIDAY!!!!!
can i get a "woo hoo!" ?

hope you all have a fun-filled smile worthy weekend!

*also don't forget to enter my giveaway here*

grey + white + stripes = *swoon*

come live in my heart and pay no rent. adorable.

love that subtle typography on the white walls. {wish i knew what it said!}

cute idea for a little boys room. obbessed with maps!

sweet chalkboard.

you know i love me some good neutrals & texture. and that drum shade...don't even get me started! I NEED IT! :)

yep. you are seeing things right. that's globes upside down on the i like it? umm no.
i LOVE it!

white white and more white. looks so clean....

another beautiful white kitchen....but what i really am focusing on is that banquet cute.
paired with those already know what i think!

and then i saved ANOTHER! the counter is a bit cluttery but i adore farmhouse sinks!

again...stripes....told you i'm obsessed! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

{wiww + room inspiration} week 6

Week six?! Wow. WIWW is like boot camp some weeks....and other weeks it's been super easy for me to put outfits together.  I think the hardest thing, is trying to fight the urge to just go out and buy all new clothes (not that that is even an option) it's hard to work with shirts and jeans you've had for years! My old clothes appear "boring" and "blah" sometimes when I'm standing in my closet trying to decide what to wear that day.  I feel like I've worn  many of them a thousand times over.  None of my clothes (besides a few select pieces, which I can probably count on my fingers) are "expensive."  And the few that are labeled "expensive" were probably STILL bought on sale.....

On the flip side, I LOVE a good challenge.  And the past six weeks have really helped me get out of my "rut" thinking I had nothing to wear.  I've looked at my once "old" and "boring" clothes in a different light, seeing potential.  Adding layers, accessories, mixing new with old, has helped me see things differently.  Some of my "old" clothes have new life because I've found pairing them with other things helps them appear "new".  Seeing colors on a large scale {in my inspiration rooms} has helped me put together color combinations I would have never thought of before. 

This is all to say.....I've learned to love getting dressed in the morning.  I love getting inspiration from other women doing the same!  So here's to another week of clothes.... let's remember that underneath all the clothes is a person who wants to feel beautiful, and it's not what you wear, its what you do in the clothes that you wear.  So go out and make a new friend, volunteer your time, hug a stranger, step outside of your box and take a risk,  call a long lost friend, donate your "old" clothes to goodwill, and do something that truely reflects who are on the inside. 

{countdown of previous wiww weeks 5-1}

week 5   week4    week3    week2   week1

black cartigan: target
white tank: new york and co.
ruffle skirt: old navy (my new favorite skirt!)
black boots: cavenders
pink flower pin: me
freshwater pearl necklace: me
handstamped charm necklace: me

room and color inspiration:

brown shirt: the fort
white collared shirt: old navy
skinnies: target
brown boots: kohls
pearl cross necklace: me

color and room inspiration:

Denim jacket: express (very very old)
black and white striped shirt: walmart
grey shorts: american eagle (yay for warm weather!)
flip flops: america eagle
mustard pom necklace: me
pearl stud earrings: f21

room and color inspiration:

st. patty's day! just a hint of green :)
blue tee: hand me down from my sister
green floral long sleeve: the fort
jeans: dillards
flower pin: me
necklace: me

pink cartigan: old navy
grey and white striped tank: old navy
jeggings: target
black cowboy boots: cavenders
purple scarf: target
earrings: von maur

room and color inspiration:

Which outfit is your favorite this week? I'd love to know!

Happy Wednesday!
Come see me again next week! :)

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