Monday, January 10, 2011


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend...ours was filled with family and friends {and packing boxes}

although, we dedicated a lot more time with family and friends than packing....and now we have some serious packing to do in the next 3 days. i think subconsciously I've been avoiding this, because if i didn't take things off the walls, clean shelves, and empty closets, it meant we weren't moving....but the fact is, we are moving! now we are down to the wire, and still have a seemingly endless amount of STUFF to pack. yuck. but it must be done. and soon!


In my spare time...

i like to dream of our future home....

{ case you didn't know...i dream big!} :)

and I think i will work on having:

less stuff and more simplicity.

less decorating and more living.

less distractions and more meaning.

less bought and more home-made.

less objects and more people.

how about you?
any goals for your home for 2011?

I think I'd also really like some horse prints... they are everywhere these days...
{i think chance might too! BONUS!}

I especially like the black and white photos...simply gorgeous!

Well i best get back to cleaning and packing...

Happy Monday!

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