Sunday, January 30, 2011

{4 months}

Cash Austin Bergen

Four months ago, our lives grew tremendously.  Cash Austin came into world.  Cash, you get more fun by the day.  You have blessed us so tremendously and I'm not sure what we ever did without you. God chose us to be your parents and how lucky are we? I think we scored big time! I thank him everyday because you are such a good baby.... our lives have changed so much since you have been born. God has lead us down here to Texas....just the three of us, off to the to the middle of nowhere Texas. {ok so it's not really the middle of no where...but somedays it feels that way!} Texas has treated us well so far, and you have adjusted amazingly good.  You were an angel on the drive down, only having to stop a few times for a diaper change or bottle feeding.  You barely cried and slept about the entire way.....and the times you were awake, we played in the backseat together.  You are becoming such a BIG boy.  We took you to a party last weekend and there was a 5 month old little girl there, and you were twice the size of her :) we told everyone we were from Nebraska, and they joked it must be because we are cornfed cornhuskers.....
{I snorgle those cheeks every day!}
Lately, you've been getting lots of tummy time and you lift your head up in the air like a big boy.  Especially if there is a toy in front of you! You kick your legs and arms alot and usually talk when you do so....i sure wish I could understand baby-talk sometimes so i could understand what you are saying! I can't wait until you start telling me things and I can tell you things.  I hope you always feel as though you can tell me anything.  We will always be here for you no matter what. 

You also love mirror time....oh boy you get sooo excited when you see your reflection in the mirror.  You could sit there all day and watch yourself move and smile. I usually talk to you too, and you look at me in amazement. the books say you can't tell it's you...but i think you can! :)

You also love to suck on still love to suck and chew on your fingers but you especially love to chew on your lovies and blankies, as well as your chewies (teethers).  anything you can get in your mouth you are all about! You can reach for your toys when you want them, and you will hold toys in your two hands when we put them in there.  I love seeing how you are growing and changing and is amazing how far you've come since you were born! I finally put a box of your clothes away that were too small for you. it partially broke my heart, because you no longer fit in them....but it also made me so happy because the bigger you get the funner and more interactive you become! It makes life feel so worth while.

Since we have moved down here to Texas you and I are together every single day...and I love it! yes, there are days you completely exhaust me....but it so worth the reward of seeing you grow, change, and learn.  your smiles are priceless and make everyday worthwhile! Being a stay at home mom doesn't pay in money but it pays in love...and it's far greater than any paycheck I could ever receive.

You eat 6-8 oz bottles every day. And just last week you got your first taste of rice cereal in your LOVED it.   Not that that surprises me at all! :) I can't wait to take you to your 4 month check up this month to see how much you really weigh....I think probably about 18-19 lbs.  We are so thankful you are a healthy boy!

You talk, and talk, and talk, and your new thing is screaming....I think you are discovering your voice.  Many times I put you in your new exersaucer you talk to your toys....especailly the pink and yellow lion.  you always talk to him!  You also love your black and white cow lovie....he is your favorite!

You are still sleeping like a big boy....usually you fall asleep about 11-12 and you sleep until daddy leaves at 7:30 in the morning.  Thats when you smile a lot.  I love waking you up to your little happy face, it makes me feel like everyday is a new start and there is always a reason to be happy! I feel bad for some of those people that wake up on the wrong side of the bed and are always grumpy...I just can't imagine living life like that! Everyone needs to be able to wake up to a little baby smiling at them...I think it would make the world a better place....(i think so anyways) :)

One of your favorite places to be is near the love looking outside and watching the leaves blow or the birds fly.  If you are ever fussy, I always take you to the window and we look outside together.  You are instantly calmed down.  You also love going on walks....we go on walks nearly every day.  It gives us a chance to get some fresh air and it allows Mommy to get some exercise. 

There is so much I could say about you Cash Austin, but words could never describe how happy you have made our lives.  You are such a little miracle.  I thank God every day for your life and that he allows us to be your parents...I can't think of a better privilege. We love you soooooo much!

Love you forever and always,

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