Friday, December 10, 2010

{tis' the season}

to decorate, but this year i'm keeping it simple. a few garlands, a fake tree, and some silvery-glittery bulbs scattered throught the home.  nothing fussy, over the top, or elaborate. just simple.

here are a few snapshots i love...

chance shared with me his family tradition of buying a potted christmas tree, using it for the holidays, then planting it....i LOVE that idea.  ....and next year we will start that tradition, becuase this year it is just too much work to try and find time to go get a potted tree, haul it home, put it in a urn (see picture), and continually water it, only to have no actual yard to plant it in.  thus, this year our artifical tree will work...i mean as long as you are burning a evergreen candle, its practically the same thing...right?! ;)

hope you all are gearing up for the holidays, i must go christmas shopping, i just realized i have only one gift under the tree...yikes!

happy friday!

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