Tuesday, December 7, 2010


life has kept me busy {as usual!} haven't had time for much of anything inspirational, unless you consider looking into the eyes of my baby boy {who inspires me everyday}.  i finally got our tree up and did some sparce holiday decorating...but no shopping.  i'm still at odds as to how you can shop with a baby in tow.  its just not that enjoyable to me, not that i don't love the company of my son, but lugging into stores a stroller twice the necessary size, plugging pacis constantly, having to find a bathroom with a changing counter, then having to finagle doors by yourself while pushing a stoller and an arm full of bags along with is just no fun, and don't even get me started on the escalators and the hidden elevators....i mean i never even knew department stores had elevators until nearly loosing my patience on an escaltor ride i thought surely these stores have an elevator, now finding the elevator is another story! :)

needless to say i have zero shopping done....and i'm looking at my schedule wondering if i will ever have time for a shopping trip? may resort to online ordering this year!

other than my shopping delemia, we've also been dealing with a baby with a headcold which has been heartbreaking because 2 month olds cannot take de-congestions like big people, thus my poor stuffy nosed baby is coughing and sneezing and weezing his way through the day.  and as a result i've been going through guilty momma syndrome because i wish there was soemthing i could do for him besides what we are already doing {aspirator, saline drops, vicks, and a humidifier}.  please say a prayer for my sweet boy that he beats this cold asap.  i'd sure appreciate it!

thanks for listening , i promise to be back soon with some fun holiday ideas, until then here is a picture of my little bug and me :)

happy tuesday!

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