Sunday, December 26, 2010

{merry, merry!}

Hope you all had an absolutely wonderful holiday weekend!

We did Christmas Eve at my parent's house and went to Christmas Eve service at 1st Plymouth Church!

Then I woke up to the most wonderful Christmas Present ever.....

He is the little love of my life, and we enjoyed spending our first Christmas as a family together, celebrating the birth of our savior. I cannot wait to start sharing traditions, and making new traditions as a whole family. Having my very own family this year made it extra special, and of course, Cash was the center of attention most of the weekend.  How grateful we are this year, Cash has made our lives brighter, our days sweeter, and moments absolutely priceless. 

I hope you understand between the holidays, being a momma, wedding planning, managing the store (you know, retail in December!)and preparing for our move to Texas I never really get a whole lot of free time to blog, unless i cut into my bedtime (which is dangerous!) ;)  I hope to blog more after our move to Texas, and get a little more in focus on the design world.  Until then, pictures of my sweet boy and family will have to do!


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