Wednesday, December 1, 2010

{2 months}

Cash Austin, my heart grows fuller by the day.  You are growing into your little body with a {big} personality.  I can't believe it has been 2 months since that beautiful September day....your birthday!  You have changed soooo much since then.  Not only have you nearly doubled in size, but you have developed quite the personality.  You smile everyday for mommy and daddy, which we LOVE! You also have the most adorable little belly giggle in the world.  I talk to you, and you smile and laugh back.  We talk about how BIG you are, and how SWEET you are, and how MUCH we love you.  You have the biggest baby smile I have ever seen and it still melts my heart, like the first time I saw your little face.  Your eyelashes have gotten so long, they remind me of your daddy's.  Just like your are almost always happy and content, except when you are hungry or need your diaper changed.  Sometimes you fuss just because you want to be held, you LOVE being held and cuddled.  I spend the evenings cherishing every minute cuddling with you until daddy gets home.  Everything else takes a backseat to you. 

You still love your paci occassionally.  You really love being held outward so you can see all that is going on around you.  Your little eyes track mommy and daddy and others when they move about.  You must reccognize our voices.  You always have to see what is going on, you just stare in amazement and look like you are absorbing everything in your little head.  Daddy and I got a flat screen tv, and now you REALLY like all the bright lights flashing.  You and daddy watch sports on the weekends, and get lots of good bonding time in while mommy works. 

Lately, you have been giving mommy and daddy little "coos" you try and talk back sometimes! Other times we get a  "yelp" and we know you are speaking to us.  funny how that works.  Mommy and Daddy have also started adding -ie to everything we say....blankie, paci, diapie, burpie, you name it, we put -ie on the end! kinda funny!

You started daycare for the first time yesterday, all the other kids love you! There are 8 girls and 4 boys, you are the youngest.  The girls especially love you. When I got there yesterday there were 5 kids surrounding your carseat! That makes mommy happy to know so many people love you! Grandma Rhonda has been watching you prior to yesterday.  She loved having you at her house every day and got to know you much better!

You still have a little fur on your head, that daddy likes to make it stand up and spikey! Mommy likes to comb it over so you have a little side part, you look like such a big boy! We give you bathes a couple times a week, and you LOVE THEM!  The warm water calms you down and you sit like a big boy in your tubbie. Daddy usually washes your head while mommy washes your body, arms and legs!  After your bath I like to cuddle you in the warm blanket, you look so cute and smell so good after your tubbie! 

You are the best eater in the whole world.  I think you would eat all the time if given the choice.  You still never leave a bottle anything but dry.  You've been eating 4-6 oz of formula in your bottle, me and daddy are going to have to buy bigger bottles pretty soon! Sometimes you get a little leaky, and you have one little dribble down your chin, but we get you cleaned up!  You must have gotten that trait from your daddy, because he always has food on his face, which makes Mommy laugh! :)

I am so happy to say, you are finally sleeping through the entire night! We are so grateful.  You usually fall asleep around 11 and sleep until 6 or 7 in the morning.  You are a good little sleeper when you have your belly full.  Usually you conk right out.  You still breathe heavy and usually I go to sleep listening to you breathe.  I try and think back to those first nights when i was so worried about you sleeping.  I definitely feel more comfortable with you now.  I pray for you and Daddy every night that God keeps you safe and protected, healthy and strong, and that he instills in you a love for family and gives you faith.  I pray someday you will have a relationship with Jesus, that you too talk to him every night before laying down your head. 

First there was us, then we had you, and now we have everything. You are our little miracle Cash Austin,  I can't even remember what life was like before you came into our lives.  You make my life a little more full, and everyday feels like a gift that I get to wake up to you.

Love you forever and always,

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