Monday, November 8, 2010


as much as i hate to think about it. this is my last week with my baby boy.  thus, i'm spending every last second snorgling his chubby cheeks, singing sweet songs, going on long walks, and taking {hundreds} of photos of my little man.
the job of motherhood may not pay in cash [no pun], but it sure does pay in love.
my heart has grown continually the past 6 weeks that i've gotten to know mr. cash austin and it's safe to say he has me wrapped around his little finger

something tells me next week and the following week and the following week after will be tearful weeks for me.  i can't bear to think about not being around him.  it breaks my heart....i wish i could carry him around forever in my arms.

okay, enough about that.... {before i start tearing up already}

for work, i'm planning on a few future design projects.  an office and a basement family room remodel. 
i can't wait to get some design boards soon as i get my laptop back that is. {grrrr...sometimes i dispise technology!}

one thing is for certain, I'll be using this west elm rug on one of the boards.
stay tuned...

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  1. Cannot WAIT to see what you have up your sleeve for our remodel project!!!!!!!!!!!! Warm, cozy, a tad rustic (think Montana), bold colors but a soft, inviting room. Can you pull that one off Ms. Lesley? I think so :)


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