Thursday, November 4, 2010


love these pretty rooms, they remind me of fall!
 today was amazing. cash slept from 12:30-4:00 pm this afternoon, so i actually got a little work done for once....we also had a surprise baby cash party tonight when i went to work.  the ladies made adorable cupcakes and we opened gifts.  all i gotta say is, my little guy is a lucky man! we got some adorable stuff, i have some of the best employees in the world.  greatest ladies ever. :) cash even got gifts from some customers, and even a complete stranger walked in and gave him an improtu gift! crazy!

yesterday we celebrated my grandma pearl's 83rd birthday, she is such a special lady in my life. she instilled in me the value of being creative.  her whole life she has been a farmer's wife, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and all the other duties of being a farmer's wife and raising 4 boys {bless her! i can't imagine!}.  she has done it all gracefully. we lived down the road from our grandma pearl.  us three girls would always "escape" to grandma's house on occasion {all the time!}  i consider it such a privilege to live just a few houses down from my grandma pearl growing up.  many children are lucky if they get to see their grandparents once or twice a year, but we got to see our grandma all the time.  my favorite memories of her were seeing her in her garden, it was huge! she had tomatoes, carrots, strawberries, rhubarb, peas, peppers, you name it, she had it growing in her back yard.  she also grew flowers, tons of flowers.  she had the best rose bushes on the block and her yard was always pristine.  not a weed. 

i especially appreciate my grandma because i think me and her are a lot alike. we love crafting! she would always have thee best craft supplies at her house! she'd always let us girls come over and create masterpieces, and i'm sure a huge mess.  she introduced me to carol duvall....y'all remember her right?! okay. so maybe i wasn't your typical "child".  we watched hgtv religiously, and she always had a stack of martha stewart living magazines waiting for my eyes to flip through, dreaming of one day becoming an interior designer.  that dream never died.  and i owe much to my grandma pearl for instilling in my creative drive at such a young age. 
i hope you all have special people in your life like my grandma pearl. if you do, consider yourself blessed beyond measure.

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