Monday, November 22, 2010


Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Our was jammed packed with family and friends.  We spent Saturday at Mr. Cattlebuyers Grandma's Estate Auction. I sadly missed the first two sales, so I was excited to go to the 3rd.  It was fun to see all the things she collected in her lifetime.  Pretty amazing....

Uncle Cole {Mr.cattlebuyers brother} bought me  nugget a little red's adorable.  I can already see it filled with books, stuffed animals, and toys.  i liked how unique it was and will try to photograph it soon.  Grandma Sherri {hi!} bought nugget some old books that were fun to flip through,  I can't wait to read them to my bug.

Sunday we gathered for Thanksgiving on my dad's side which was fun as always, then we booked it back to Lincoln to be with our friends {who are expecting next month!} to decorate Christmas cookies and eat supper.

It was a fun weekend, and we got some exciting news on Friday {which i can't disclose to the public quite yet, but soon, promise!} which made me realize how grateful I am.  God has provided for us tremediously this year, it blows me away.  Mr.cattlebuyer & uncle c got out the christmas tree tonight, which of course snowballed into getting out EVERYTHING christmas related.... put me in the holiday mood.  This will be our first Christmas as a family and I am so very excited to make it a special one! Here are some images I meant to attach to the previous entry, but of course forgot. i also forgot to spell check, which i'm sure you all noticed.  oops! i'll try to do better next time. promise

Happy Monday Friends!

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