Wednesday, November 17, 2010

{how long?}

wow? how long has it been?!  well to say the least, the past 3 days have been a whirlwind with me going back to work and getting used to our new "normal"

time for blogging is few and far between, actually i'm lucky if i even have a few seconds to hop on the computer {speaking of, mine is STILL broken!} i would most definitely qualify for the bad blogger award.  i'll start planning my acceptance speech.  it would go something like this...

hello, on behalf of my insanely busy life, i would like to thank my adorable baby boy who is growing like a weed and i will testify on his behalf has grown out of size "n" diapers *sniff sniff* after a multitude of "blowouts" and by blow outs i mean change the sheets, change his clothes, change his diaper, change the diaper pad cover, oh yes and change my clothes {not exaguerating} the only sandwich i've had time to make this week is a ritz bitz peanut butter sandwich! totally not healthy.....but soooo yummy and fast, and it doesn't require time besides popping open the box.  work has been a series of return phone calls, party planning, placing orders & acting like an elf trying to create inventory for the holidays. i've learned the power of one-handed everything. i may now be a certified ambidectrious person.  cuz when the right is busy, i'm only left with my left and gosh darn it if both are busy, the toes sure do come in handy.  now i know why god created us with multiple limbs.  my days start a little earlier and unfortunately end a little later than i like. night time is a series of 3 hour incriments.  gotta take what you can get. thankfully i get more some nights thanks to chance.  gal-darn my life is a little more busy, a little more stressful, a little more sleepy, but gosh darn it, it is a LOT more beautiful and i am so thankful for this amazing time in my life. 

 okay, so i'm running out of time, and i still need to spell check this blog entry becasue my brain has been on vacation since september 30th.  thanks for listening, i'll be back soon, but until then, enjoy some holiday images and inspiration!

projects for a later date:

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