Monday, November 29, 2010


wow. a week a past since my last post and all i can say, is holy cow.  where does the time fly?
this past week has been pure joy.  i love gathering for our first family holidays as a FAMILY. it was so fun to share nugget with all of our extended family members for the first time. He was a sweetheart, minus a blowout here or there!

i will come back and write more, but i must get to is a project i MUST do asap!
the most adorable doormat ever, and it would describe our lives to a T! :)


Monday, November 22, 2010


Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Our was jammed packed with family and friends.  We spent Saturday at Mr. Cattlebuyers Grandma's Estate Auction. I sadly missed the first two sales, so I was excited to go to the 3rd.  It was fun to see all the things she collected in her lifetime.  Pretty amazing....

Uncle Cole {Mr.cattlebuyers brother} bought me  nugget a little red's adorable.  I can already see it filled with books, stuffed animals, and toys.  i liked how unique it was and will try to photograph it soon.  Grandma Sherri {hi!} bought nugget some old books that were fun to flip through,  I can't wait to read them to my bug.

Sunday we gathered for Thanksgiving on my dad's side which was fun as always, then we booked it back to Lincoln to be with our friends {who are expecting next month!} to decorate Christmas cookies and eat supper.

It was a fun weekend, and we got some exciting news on Friday {which i can't disclose to the public quite yet, but soon, promise!} which made me realize how grateful I am.  God has provided for us tremediously this year, it blows me away.  Mr.cattlebuyer & uncle c got out the christmas tree tonight, which of course snowballed into getting out EVERYTHING christmas related.... put me in the holiday mood.  This will be our first Christmas as a family and I am so very excited to make it a special one! Here are some images I meant to attach to the previous entry, but of course forgot. i also forgot to spell check, which i'm sure you all noticed.  oops! i'll try to do better next time. promise

Happy Monday Friends!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

{how long?}

wow? how long has it been?!  well to say the least, the past 3 days have been a whirlwind with me going back to work and getting used to our new "normal"

time for blogging is few and far between, actually i'm lucky if i even have a few seconds to hop on the computer {speaking of, mine is STILL broken!} i would most definitely qualify for the bad blogger award.  i'll start planning my acceptance speech.  it would go something like this...

hello, on behalf of my insanely busy life, i would like to thank my adorable baby boy who is growing like a weed and i will testify on his behalf has grown out of size "n" diapers *sniff sniff* after a multitude of "blowouts" and by blow outs i mean change the sheets, change his clothes, change his diaper, change the diaper pad cover, oh yes and change my clothes {not exaguerating} the only sandwich i've had time to make this week is a ritz bitz peanut butter sandwich! totally not healthy.....but soooo yummy and fast, and it doesn't require time besides popping open the box.  work has been a series of return phone calls, party planning, placing orders & acting like an elf trying to create inventory for the holidays. i've learned the power of one-handed everything. i may now be a certified ambidectrious person.  cuz when the right is busy, i'm only left with my left and gosh darn it if both are busy, the toes sure do come in handy.  now i know why god created us with multiple limbs.  my days start a little earlier and unfortunately end a little later than i like. night time is a series of 3 hour incriments.  gotta take what you can get. thankfully i get more some nights thanks to chance.  gal-darn my life is a little more busy, a little more stressful, a little more sleepy, but gosh darn it, it is a LOT more beautiful and i am so thankful for this amazing time in my life. 

 okay, so i'm running out of time, and i still need to spell check this blog entry becasue my brain has been on vacation since september 30th.  thanks for listening, i'll be back soon, but until then, enjoy some holiday images and inspiration!

projects for a later date:

Friday, November 12, 2010

{this & that}

two of my favorite things  today....scarfs and pretty handwritting!

i just found this and boy do i want to make it right now....totally inspired on this chilly november day!

i love scarfs, i hope they never go out of style cuz i have oodles of them. i think i'm going to shoot for one of every color of the rainbow....unfortunatly right now i have holiday open house invitations to design so no time to sew! which is still pretty fun because i found this site, and stumbled upon some awesome free fonts. oh yes, did i mention i love pretty handwriting.  i think i would have typed better papers in college if i had pretty font to type them in. y'all should go download their fonts...they are so fun!

so much to do so no time to chatter.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


pardon the silence, between my laptop still being in the dumps, chance being out of town, and still trying to juggle mommyhood and working and running the store, i've had my hands full.

the good thing is that when my hands are full, my heart is full.
and what more could you want in life?

i'll be back soon with some fun holiday inspiration.....
Happy Thursday Friends!

Monday, November 8, 2010


as much as i hate to think about it. this is my last week with my baby boy.  thus, i'm spending every last second snorgling his chubby cheeks, singing sweet songs, going on long walks, and taking {hundreds} of photos of my little man.
the job of motherhood may not pay in cash [no pun], but it sure does pay in love.
my heart has grown continually the past 6 weeks that i've gotten to know mr. cash austin and it's safe to say he has me wrapped around his little finger

something tells me next week and the following week and the following week after will be tearful weeks for me.  i can't bear to think about not being around him.  it breaks my heart....i wish i could carry him around forever in my arms.

okay, enough about that.... {before i start tearing up already}

for work, i'm planning on a few future design projects.  an office and a basement family room remodel. 
i can't wait to get some design boards soon as i get my laptop back that is. {grrrr...sometimes i dispise technology!}

one thing is for certain, I'll be using this west elm rug on one of the boards.
stay tuned...

Sunday, November 7, 2010


grey. my new favorite color.  maybe its because the trees are popping up bare, the plants are dying, and the air has a chill to it.  but grey is my go-to color these days, even for clothes.  i find myself constantly searching for something grey.  a scarf, a thermal, leggings, boots, cardigan. i put grey with everything.
these images below show that grey can work anywhere, with any style, with any color combination.
grey or is it gray?
 still a little confused on the spelling...i'm now a firm believer pregnancy kills brain cells. :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010


love these pretty rooms, they remind me of fall!
 today was amazing. cash slept from 12:30-4:00 pm this afternoon, so i actually got a little work done for once....we also had a surprise baby cash party tonight when i went to work.  the ladies made adorable cupcakes and we opened gifts.  all i gotta say is, my little guy is a lucky man! we got some adorable stuff, i have some of the best employees in the world.  greatest ladies ever. :) cash even got gifts from some customers, and even a complete stranger walked in and gave him an improtu gift! crazy!

yesterday we celebrated my grandma pearl's 83rd birthday, she is such a special lady in my life. she instilled in me the value of being creative.  her whole life she has been a farmer's wife, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and all the other duties of being a farmer's wife and raising 4 boys {bless her! i can't imagine!}.  she has done it all gracefully. we lived down the road from our grandma pearl.  us three girls would always "escape" to grandma's house on occasion {all the time!}  i consider it such a privilege to live just a few houses down from my grandma pearl growing up.  many children are lucky if they get to see their grandparents once or twice a year, but we got to see our grandma all the time.  my favorite memories of her were seeing her in her garden, it was huge! she had tomatoes, carrots, strawberries, rhubarb, peas, peppers, you name it, she had it growing in her back yard.  she also grew flowers, tons of flowers.  she had the best rose bushes on the block and her yard was always pristine.  not a weed. 

i especially appreciate my grandma because i think me and her are a lot alike. we love crafting! she would always have thee best craft supplies at her house! she'd always let us girls come over and create masterpieces, and i'm sure a huge mess.  she introduced me to carol duvall....y'all remember her right?! okay. so maybe i wasn't your typical "child".  we watched hgtv religiously, and she always had a stack of martha stewart living magazines waiting for my eyes to flip through, dreaming of one day becoming an interior designer.  that dream never died.  and i owe much to my grandma pearl for instilling in my creative drive at such a young age. 
i hope you all have special people in your life like my grandma pearl. if you do, consider yourself blessed beyond measure.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

{happy halloween!}

okay so i realize i'm a little late....and i realize i look very sleepy in this photo, but i still love it regardless!

meet our little family....
our first halloween together.
 our bubs was a dalmation puppy, complete with black floppy ears and a little white tail {although, you can't see that in this picture!} my nephew was a firefighter so we thought i'd be fun for Cash to be a dalmation! plus, i thought it was a fun idea because for the past nine months we've called him our little rover.
I love my boys!

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