Sunday, October 24, 2010


y'all know i'm crazy about silhouettes. i thought these were just the cutest. such a great idea for a kid's bathroom hand towels or on a pillowcase in a bedroom. and how about for gifts {mother's day, grandparents day, birthdays ect.} now that i have my little guy i think we may have to get craftin'! {don't tell chance!}

lately i've been finding that every week allows me a little more "me" time.  in between all my other duties as a new momma....i've been finding time to do some fun projects which i will try and photograph + blog this week sometime.  some days i have more time than others depending on how much my bubs sleeps, but usually i can sneak at least one project in.  you won't believe this but i even had time to paint my nails last week! pretty sure i haven't done that for YEARS.  i figured you gotta pamper yourself sometimes, even if it is just taking ten minutes to paint your nails instead of doing the laundry.  i'm finding that being a momma is demanding and but its so important to still make time do to things you love.  even though i don't love painting my nails, it was fun because it is one of those things that i haven't taken the time to do for years and now for some reason, i just felt the urge to do it.  i know, its kind of silly, but even chance noticed my red nails! :)

my mom and i even went to a bridal fair today.  it was so fun, i cannot wait to finally be a bride...and today got me all sorts of excited to start all the planning process.  of course y'all will be updated with all the dets as we go along! we finally set our date 8-27-11.  i partially liked it since it kinda rhymes, seven eleven! :) anyways. sorry for all the randomness friends. 

this week i'll be working on finishing up Cash's Halloween costume {i'm doing this thing without a pattern, which has been an interesting process! please say a prayer this costume turns out decent!} I'm also going to be working on some special projects for my friend's baby shower next weekend, she's having a baby girl, which means i can use my new found ruffle skills to make some adorable girly stuff!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, i promise i'll be back tomorrow with more images and less of my blabber! thanks for listening, you guys rock! :)

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