Monday, October 18, 2010


well, its october and i have yet to do a seasonal decor post. totally unlike me, but the truth is that i haven't completely forgot.  i have been collecting images..and here are a few from my favorite blog friends. 

now for anyone that knows me, knows that i am not a very high maintence fashion forward girl.  i wear cheap clothes.  target. old navy. forever 21. you get my drift.  i just can't afford {or justify} buying expensive trendy clothes.  thus, i buy affordable clothes, and try and make them cute buy adding fun accessories.  makes sense right? okay, so maybe not, but that's what i tell myself. i think i'm an accessory guru.  jewelry, scarfs, shoes, purses, ect. i'm your girl. 

the fall means scarf weather, and this one caught my eye instantly! unfortunatly i missed my opportunity to buy one, by a day, there were only two available for purchase on etsy.  so what else is a girl to do...than make her own, and thats just what i did! i love my own version so much, that now i want to make a ruffle scarf in every color!  unfortunatly time is not my friend right now, so i'm putting them on the "long-term" to do list! :)

Hope you all have been enjoying this beautiful autumn's been gorgeous every single day since Cash has been born! I think God has been smiling down on us :)

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