Saturday, October 9, 2010


i never knew the power of being a mother until a week ago, and only this week did i realize how truely amazing it is.

life has changed.  
i don't walk, talk, eat, think, or do anything the way i used to.
things i've learned in week one of mommyhood:

i never knew the power of mulit-tasking until this past week.  i can successfully dry my hair, talk on the phone, bounce my baby in his rocker, and eat breakfast similtaniously.

i never knew how little sleep i could function off of until now.  8am used to seem so early, now i'm happy with 5:30am.

caffine is my best friend.  for life.

i never knew how long i could let my arm fall asleep until i had my boy, now i'd let my arm go completely numb, just so i didn't have to move my baby from my arms.

i never knew a baby could explosively squirt from their behind.  after last night. i'm a believer. lets just say i had to take another shower.
i never knew how boring the television channels are at 3 a.m. - infomercials stink!
i never knew how quiet our little home was, until you realize how LOUD it can be.  our neighbors probably hate us at 2 a.m. (although we've gotten better with our middle of the night fussy-ness, we sleep now! praise the lord!)

i never knew the power of one handed typing. yes my friends, i have it PERFECTED. chicken pecking is my speciality since one arm is usually always occupied by my little man.

i never knew how little importance things have until i had him.  i'd give up every last trinket in my house, every little article of clothing, every shoe i've ever bought on a whim, every candy bar i just had to have, just so my baby boy has what he needs in life.

i never knew how much a person could miss another human being until this week.  i begin to miss my baby when he is sleeping.  sometimes i even want to wake him up in a dead slumber just so i can see his little eyes and hear his little coos and talk to him.  after those first few nights, i realized i would never wake a sleeping baby unless for an emergency. and by emergency i mean a house fire, natural disaster, or something of that sort.

most importantly what i have learned from the past week is that...

i never knew how much i could love another human being.

being a mother is hands-down thee most amazing responsibility in the whole world. It has made me do things i never thought i could ever do, accomplish things i never thought i could ever accomplish, and be a person who i never thought or dreamt i could ever be.  you don't realize how much you love life until you have someone to share it with.  Chance, Cash, and I have each other. and that alone is enough for me.  my heart could burst at any moment with the amount of love i have for Chance and Cash.  Anyone can be a momma, but i don't just want to be a momma, i want to be the BEST momma in the world. And although i realize i'm competing with millions of other women out there, i will strive every single day for the rest of my life to be the best.  everyday i learn something new about what being a momma means, and i'm loving every minute of it.

here's a sneak peak at my sweet baby boy...


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