Friday, October 15, 2010


Wow, friday already?!

thought i'd better drop by and let you all know that no, i did not drop off the face of the earth.  the days are ticking by like minutes and i can't believe it has already been two weeks since the day i fell in love with my son.  Cash changes every day, and every day my love for him grows more and more.  Thankfully Chance has been helping out tremendiously with the night shift....he has become the official diaper and paci duty man.  and he rocks at it.  

i've been consumed with feedings, diaper changes, burping, naps, baths, soothing, bouncing and rocking my boy....but don't think i haven't forgotten about this time of year.  Although {chance's grandma's} sewing machine hasn't seen as much love lately {speaking of, i think she probably wants it back!} i haven't completely forgotten about it.  Chance will testify that i've been obsessed with ruffles.  wierd since i just had a boy, but for some reason, ruffles are my thing right now.  thus i made, myself a ruffle scarf {adorable, probably going to be making these for Christmas gifts this year!} and a ruffle pillow.  I also have a few more ruffle-ly projects in the works.  I'll share pictures with y'all as soon as i can turn my camera away from my baby and onto another subject.  :)

I have sooo much to share, but no time to sit down and collectively gather my thoughts.  i put dish soap in our dish washer and no it wasn't "dish washer soap" luckily i realized what i had done before it was too late.  i also put an empty glass into the refridgerator and let it sit there overnight, only to find an empty cup randomly sitting on the top shelf of our fridge.  huh!? i also forget where i put things, which isn't anything new but it has escladed my disorder by 1000 since Cash was born.  i can't remember where i put anything these days, i seriously need to velcro everything to my body and when i need a paci, wa-la! there it is! when i need my car keys, wa-la! there they are! when i need my cell phone, wa-la! there she is!  seriously might have to stitch myself a velcro suit this weekend. oh wait, i don't have time.  guess i better just shoot for a little more sleep! :) 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, i have oodles of stuff to chatter about, and hopefully i'll find some time to do so soon!


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