Sunday, October 31, 2010

{one month}

my oh my, where has the weekend gone... seems like it just started!

We had a great weekend: a fun baby shower, celebrating a husker win, our sweet boy is one month (can't believe it!) , and of course halloween.  the bad news is my computer has crashed, which contained all of my fun pictures and blog ideas.  thus i'm left empty handed tonight.  but know that i will be back in running order soon! (hopefully!) my sweet hubby, is letting me borrow his laptop {because he knows i'd go CRAZY without it!} luckily i have my blackberry which still keeps me reading my fav blogs, but it's just not the same, and the worst part is I can't blog on my blackberry! {sad...someone should really invent a blogging cell phone}  but it makes me realize how much importance i put on "physical" things sometimes, such as my laptop.  we all do it...put significance on insignificant "things".  sometimes i think god just needs to remind us, give us a little "reality check." people are more important than things.  always will be.  thus, i'm weirdly happy to say that my laptop died {don't worry i had all my photos backed up on my external harddrive! thank goodness, for ONCE i am on top of things!} although, i hate to shell out the $$ to fix it or buy new, it has already made me appreciate doing things other than being on my laptop.  maybe i was on it too much the past 3 weeks.....whoops! 

on a more happy note: my sweet baby boy is 1 month old!  I cannot believe how fast time has flown by.  everyday is a miracle and i still find myself looking at him thinking how darn lucky i am to be his mommy! He is a child of God, but 10 months ago i was blessed with being his momma here on earth and i couldn't be a prouder or more grateful that God has blessed us with this little miracle.  how it all took place i still can't fathom.  how this little human being has grown from a sesame seed into my 9 lb blonde haired baby boy.  my head can't wrap around it, and heart wants to burst at the seems.  even the "bad" fussy nights are a blessing.  sometimes i feel like i am living in a dream.  your whole life you dream of what you children will look like, what your children's names will be, and how they will act. and now I'm living that dream! and it is the most rewarding experience of my life.  this little man has me smitten. 

Cash Austin,
You are the most precious little man I have ever laid my eyes on.  i go to bed praying for you and dreaming about who you will become some day, and you are the reason i get up in the morning.  you give me strength and patience i never thought i had.  i love telling people i am your momma. and there is no better or more rewarding job in this world.   i miss you terribly when you sleep, i want to kiss your chubby cheeks and count your sweet little toes forever and i know someday you will not want me to kiss your cheeks or touch your toes, so i'm soaking up every precious moment of this time in your life.  i love all your facial expressions and the sweet coos you make all day long.  you love your bottles and feeding time, you have yet to leave a bottle anything but empty! when you are upset you make alot of "ugh" sounds and your face gets bright red.  momma doesn't like then usually i smooch your cheeks and then you instantly calm down.  i think you know my voice.  when you hear me, your eyes get really big.  everyone says you have my eyes and that makes my heart smile.  when we take you out of your car seat you are curled up in a little ball and you like to sleep with your arms up by your face with your hands clinched shut.  i love how you always cross your feet, left on top of right, just like your daddy.  you did this in my tummy because on one of your ultrasound pictures your feet are crossed. i used to joke that you were a girl because your legs were crossed, but sure enough, you were a boy..... my boy! I love your chubby arms and your skinny little legs.  but just because they are skinny doesn't mean they aren't strong. oh how strong your legs are! you love to kick when you are upset, and sometimes you kick your legs when we try and get your pants on, which makes it really challenging! I love when you sleep on daddy's chest, you two are my whole world. I love singing you songs, and when you smile your little smile, daddy calls it your "gummy smile".  I heard you laugh the second week you were here, and it was the cutest thing ever, now every once in a while you will giggle and I adore it.  don't ever forget the importance of laughter later on in your life.  I love that I was the first one who gave you your first kiss of life.  someday some lucky lady will get to have you, but until then you are all mine. I love how when i tell people your name, people call it "cool"! Everyone loves it! Daddy and I call you "cashbug" , "bubbie", "bubs", "cashman", "sport" (uncle cole calls you that!), "squirt" (prapa ron calls you that!) and "sweet pea" (I call you that!).  I love the little notches in your ears, it was one of the first thing the nurses told me when you were born.  they said it looked like a little mouse took a little bite out of both of your ears, and i love it.  it is your "unique" features that i love.  everyone says you have daddy's head shape, and mouth, and you have my eyes and my nose.  you are a perfect 50/50.  you will always be perfect in our eyes and we cannot wait to see how much you will keep growing the next month.  I love how i could go on and on with all the reasons I love you. I thank God for you every day, forever and ever i will always love you Cash Austin. 

Love forever and a day,
 your momma

Friday, October 29, 2010


please welcome the newest addition, the lilly bootie, pink polka dots with a posy pearl flower!

these are being gifted to a dear high school friend who is due in december.  i absolutley love this pair of booties! this weekend i'll be going to the baby shower while chance and cash watch football and do boy things :)

hope you all have a lovely weekend!
oh yes, and happy halloween!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


some inspiration for our end of august wedding....

Monday, October 25, 2010


 this was in the lastest issue of martha stewart. 

this house has "me" written all over it if i do say so myself. 

the grey walls, bold striped chair, maps, industrial hardware and lighting, you name it, i love it! 

i've been trying to get my parents {who are remodeling their home} to use grey walls. its the "hit" color this season according to nate burkus {who i only watch because its the only show worth watching at 1 pm when i'm with my babes. } its the new neutral...

how do you guys feel about grey? love it or hate it?


well, it's bout time to kick it into gear, wedding gear that is! below are some images i've been saving on my laptop for some time. i love that gal's hair!

okay, so i realize hair is of the very least importance for our wedding day, but i love hers. how's come i keep finding hair do ideas, but for the life of me cannot find a picture of a dress i love....

hopefully once we go dress shopping something will catch my eye....otherwise i may resort to my jeggings (leggings+jeans) {just got some a couple weeks ago from good ol' target and i'm loving them, they are comfortable and stylish (i think!!) chance laughed when i called them "jeggings" , thinking that i created that term, but nooo, thats really what the tag called them! i'm sure all you  fashion forward people already knew the term "jegging" last season. but i'm usually always about 2 seasons behind on my fashions! :) }
chance probably wouldn't like it if i model my jeggings on our wedding day, so hopefully something turns up in the dress department, and when it does i'll be sure to let you all know!

here's some images i need to put in the wedding idea folder.  i'm thinking about creating a wedding blog for Chance and I, but the thought of trying to blog on two different accounts is a bit daunting considering and i can't even remember the password for this blog.  darn that mommy-brain, keeps me from remembering the simpliest of things!

here's to remembering my password tomorrow!
happy monday!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


y'all know i'm crazy about silhouettes. i thought these were just the cutest. such a great idea for a kid's bathroom hand towels or on a pillowcase in a bedroom. and how about for gifts {mother's day, grandparents day, birthdays ect.} now that i have my little guy i think we may have to get craftin'! {don't tell chance!}

lately i've been finding that every week allows me a little more "me" time.  in between all my other duties as a new momma....i've been finding time to do some fun projects which i will try and photograph + blog this week sometime.  some days i have more time than others depending on how much my bubs sleeps, but usually i can sneak at least one project in.  you won't believe this but i even had time to paint my nails last week! pretty sure i haven't done that for YEARS.  i figured you gotta pamper yourself sometimes, even if it is just taking ten minutes to paint your nails instead of doing the laundry.  i'm finding that being a momma is demanding and but its so important to still make time do to things you love.  even though i don't love painting my nails, it was fun because it is one of those things that i haven't taken the time to do for years and now for some reason, i just felt the urge to do it.  i know, its kind of silly, but even chance noticed my red nails! :)

my mom and i even went to a bridal fair today.  it was so fun, i cannot wait to finally be a bride...and today got me all sorts of excited to start all the planning process.  of course y'all will be updated with all the dets as we go along! we finally set our date 8-27-11.  i partially liked it since it kinda rhymes, seven eleven! :) anyways. sorry for all the randomness friends. 

this week i'll be working on finishing up Cash's Halloween costume {i'm doing this thing without a pattern, which has been an interesting process! please say a prayer this costume turns out decent!} I'm also going to be working on some special projects for my friend's baby shower next weekend, she's having a baby girl, which means i can use my new found ruffle skills to make some adorable girly stuff!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, i promise i'll be back tomorrow with more images and less of my blabber! thanks for listening, you guys rock! :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


been scouring the blog world today, drool-worthy stuff if i do say so myself....
so here's some hump day eye candy! enjoy! :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


this image would sum up my ideal wedding reception. simple.
although, totally un-realistic. i love it.

that is all for now, i have a fussy baby in my arms tonight. however, the good news is my lil man slept through the night last night which means this momma got some much needed consecutive zzzzzz's. and let me tell you they were amazing! and now my fingers are cramping from chicken pecking on my keyboard right now. so i must say goodbye.  we'll chat again tomorrow.  

goodnight y'all!

Monday, October 18, 2010


well, its october and i have yet to do a seasonal decor post. totally unlike me, but the truth is that i haven't completely forgot.  i have been collecting images..and here are a few from my favorite blog friends. 

now for anyone that knows me, knows that i am not a very high maintence fashion forward girl.  i wear cheap clothes.  target. old navy. forever 21. you get my drift.  i just can't afford {or justify} buying expensive trendy clothes.  thus, i buy affordable clothes, and try and make them cute buy adding fun accessories.  makes sense right? okay, so maybe not, but that's what i tell myself. i think i'm an accessory guru.  jewelry, scarfs, shoes, purses, ect. i'm your girl. 

the fall means scarf weather, and this one caught my eye instantly! unfortunatly i missed my opportunity to buy one, by a day, there were only two available for purchase on etsy.  so what else is a girl to do...than make her own, and thats just what i did! i love my own version so much, that now i want to make a ruffle scarf in every color!  unfortunatly time is not my friend right now, so i'm putting them on the "long-term" to do list! :)

Hope you all have been enjoying this beautiful autumn's been gorgeous every single day since Cash has been born! I think God has been smiling down on us :)

Friday, October 15, 2010


Wow, friday already?!

thought i'd better drop by and let you all know that no, i did not drop off the face of the earth.  the days are ticking by like minutes and i can't believe it has already been two weeks since the day i fell in love with my son.  Cash changes every day, and every day my love for him grows more and more.  Thankfully Chance has been helping out tremendiously with the night shift....he has become the official diaper and paci duty man.  and he rocks at it.  

i've been consumed with feedings, diaper changes, burping, naps, baths, soothing, bouncing and rocking my boy....but don't think i haven't forgotten about this time of year.  Although {chance's grandma's} sewing machine hasn't seen as much love lately {speaking of, i think she probably wants it back!} i haven't completely forgotten about it.  Chance will testify that i've been obsessed with ruffles.  wierd since i just had a boy, but for some reason, ruffles are my thing right now.  thus i made, myself a ruffle scarf {adorable, probably going to be making these for Christmas gifts this year!} and a ruffle pillow.  I also have a few more ruffle-ly projects in the works.  I'll share pictures with y'all as soon as i can turn my camera away from my baby and onto another subject.  :)

I have sooo much to share, but no time to sit down and collectively gather my thoughts.  i put dish soap in our dish washer and no it wasn't "dish washer soap" luckily i realized what i had done before it was too late.  i also put an empty glass into the refridgerator and let it sit there overnight, only to find an empty cup randomly sitting on the top shelf of our fridge.  huh!? i also forget where i put things, which isn't anything new but it has escladed my disorder by 1000 since Cash was born.  i can't remember where i put anything these days, i seriously need to velcro everything to my body and when i need a paci, wa-la! there it is! when i need my car keys, wa-la! there they are! when i need my cell phone, wa-la! there she is!  seriously might have to stitch myself a velcro suit this weekend. oh wait, i don't have time.  guess i better just shoot for a little more sleep! :) 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, i have oodles of stuff to chatter about, and hopefully i'll find some time to do so soon!


Saturday, October 9, 2010


i never knew the power of being a mother until a week ago, and only this week did i realize how truely amazing it is.

life has changed.  
i don't walk, talk, eat, think, or do anything the way i used to.
things i've learned in week one of mommyhood:

i never knew the power of mulit-tasking until this past week.  i can successfully dry my hair, talk on the phone, bounce my baby in his rocker, and eat breakfast similtaniously.

i never knew how little sleep i could function off of until now.  8am used to seem so early, now i'm happy with 5:30am.

caffine is my best friend.  for life.

i never knew how long i could let my arm fall asleep until i had my boy, now i'd let my arm go completely numb, just so i didn't have to move my baby from my arms.

i never knew a baby could explosively squirt from their behind.  after last night. i'm a believer. lets just say i had to take another shower.
i never knew how boring the television channels are at 3 a.m. - infomercials stink!
i never knew how quiet our little home was, until you realize how LOUD it can be.  our neighbors probably hate us at 2 a.m. (although we've gotten better with our middle of the night fussy-ness, we sleep now! praise the lord!)

i never knew the power of one handed typing. yes my friends, i have it PERFECTED. chicken pecking is my speciality since one arm is usually always occupied by my little man.

i never knew how little importance things have until i had him.  i'd give up every last trinket in my house, every little article of clothing, every shoe i've ever bought on a whim, every candy bar i just had to have, just so my baby boy has what he needs in life.

i never knew how much a person could miss another human being until this week.  i begin to miss my baby when he is sleeping.  sometimes i even want to wake him up in a dead slumber just so i can see his little eyes and hear his little coos and talk to him.  after those first few nights, i realized i would never wake a sleeping baby unless for an emergency. and by emergency i mean a house fire, natural disaster, or something of that sort.

most importantly what i have learned from the past week is that...

i never knew how much i could love another human being.

being a mother is hands-down thee most amazing responsibility in the whole world. It has made me do things i never thought i could ever do, accomplish things i never thought i could ever accomplish, and be a person who i never thought or dreamt i could ever be.  you don't realize how much you love life until you have someone to share it with.  Chance, Cash, and I have each other. and that alone is enough for me.  my heart could burst at any moment with the amount of love i have for Chance and Cash.  Anyone can be a momma, but i don't just want to be a momma, i want to be the BEST momma in the world. And although i realize i'm competing with millions of other women out there, i will strive every single day for the rest of my life to be the best.  everyday i learn something new about what being a momma means, and i'm loving every minute of it.

here's a sneak peak at my sweet baby boy...


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

{he's here!}

I'm so happy to introduce my sweet and precious baby boy
Cash Austin Bergen
born September 30, 2010 at 1:53 pm
7 lbs 13 oz and 20 1/4" long

He is just as sweet as they come. Our hearts are so full, with all the love and support we have received the past week.  We have been blessed beyond measure and we are forever grateful.  Please pardon the silence once again, I probably won't be nearly as frequent on this here little blog due to the fact that i'm snorgling the face of my baby boy. I will be enjoying every little moment with my little man....thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers!

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