Tuesday, September 14, 2010


no, not my pumpkin....i wish!
sounds like my little pumpkin won't be here for a while yet.....
just the beginning of many lessons i have to learn from my little man.
patience, i'm sooo not good at!
not good at all.
and i don't know if y'all noticed, but target has the halloween goodies out!
and by goodies i mean candy.... of course.
and of course, i didn't buy any.... (wink, wink) i mean really it is a bit early...
but since target can pull off the halloween and fall look, i figured it isn't to soon to start thinkin' about pumpkins.
here are some of my favorites, i'm sure there will be many more fun fall ideas to come!
also, if you think of it please say prayer my pumpkin comes before halloween :)
Happy Tuesday!

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