Wednesday, September 8, 2010

{my bubs}

is it possible to go on baby vacation.

because i dreamt that last night....

my heart and my mind just can't get off the subject of baby.

my baby in particular.

is it bad that i already feel so full of love for him that my heart feels so full.

it also helps that i love his daddy so.






for now i will just keep dreaming, my baby vacation will come soon, so soon. just not tonight, i STILL do not have my bag, or baby's bag packed. i mean how do you really pack things you are going to need up until the day of the event?

my bubs first boots- cowboy boots of course... :)

{p.s we had photography class tonight, i'll be trying out all my mad photo skills soon, since now i know what the heck i'm really doing!}


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