Wednesday, September 29, 2010


sorry for all the silence....we've been enjoying our last few days as a couple before our little guy arrives.  my baby boy is still hibernating in my tummy...due dates, pshhhhh....I don't believe in them anymore!  I think this little man would hide out for atleast another two weeks if given the option, however tonight we are going in to be induced and to get this show on the road.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers. 

"And my God will meet all of your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus."

we are so incredibly blessed. praying for a healthy baby boy, and for grace like rain to fall upon me tonight

{oh i'm bring home a baby bumblebee, won't my mommy be so proud of me}

i took this picture last week, how precious is the bright yellow flowers.
my life will be changed in 24 hours...and it's the coolest most amazingly awesome thing in the whole world...

Thursday, September 23, 2010


well, still no baby...
i can't believe i'm sitting here, nearly 40 weeks and still no baby.  I thought for sure, this baby would be an early bird.  but it seems he must like his little home in my tummy....

i get bittersweet feelings, knowing this whole pregnancy process is nearly over. any day, any night, could be my last night of being pregnant with my first baby. you'd think most women would be so ready to meet their baby, and i am..... don't get me wrong.  i absolutely cannot wait to hold my baby in my arms, kiss his little nose, count his tiny toes, and tell him how much we love him, and how much jesus loves him.  but this is my first born. and just thinking about how far we've come in the past 9 months is truely remarkable. 

as we speak my little life living within me, is squirming around.  i think he surely must be out of room in my belly. there is no possible way for it to be all that comfortable in there....but he hasn't chosen to come out yet, so it must not be that bad.  i mean he does eat some yummy food if i do say so myself, and he is perfectly warm and cozy.  unlike me, who is still a raging inferno of a body....

i know in god's perfect timing my baby will come.  but my doctor has decided that i will be induced on the 29th and have a baby by the 30th, if he doesn't come between now and the 29th.  and i am okay with that.  as much as i will truely miss the memories of my pregnancy, i know our baby will give chance and i so many more memories that soon this pregnancy will just be a blur of a history in time.  we will look back on this period of time, the past 9 months, with hearts so full of love they could burst.  we have grown as a couple, together. and that is truely the most amazing thing about this my belly grew, so did we.  

i still have to pinch myself to remind myself of how lucky i truely am. my boys are my life. and i am forever grateful that God has given me two of the most amazing boys i could have ever dreamt or asked for.  god has always provided in my life when i have needed it, he has never failed me.  everything has come together in his perfect timing.

so here i am confessing, i will miss wearing my belly of mommyhood.  maybe just a little....  it has truely been an adventure.  i never thought i would see the end, and here i am, looking back on it all. and feeling grateful.  because of all the horror stories i've been told from complete strangers.  i consider myself lucky.  for the most part this pregnancy has been fairly easy....i've made it through the morning sickness, the panic of telling our parents, the uncontrolable hormones, the constant bathroom runs, all the hot flashes and moments where i really thought i might faint due to the heat, the stares, the sleepless nights, the questions, the shock, the prayers, the weak moments, the exciting moments....we've made it! and soon i will be holding the greatest reward our baby boy.  and there is no price you could ever put on that.  it was worth it all.

here's to the beginning of our new journey, a new chapter, in the storybook of our lives....i am so blessed.

*i would appreciate a little prayer or two for chance and i and our baby boy in the next week.
 thank you friends!*

Sunday, September 19, 2010

{for real?}

for the record. i still love suzie beezie.
so much inspiration....does anyone know if she's a real person? (i sure hope she is!)
because if she REALLY is REAL, i totally want to be her best friend...

here's some of my favorite fall inspiration:
{thanks suzie, whoever you are! :) }

Saturday, September 18, 2010

{finally here!}

fall. it's officially here, although, i'm not sure if it's here to stay....
today was down right chilly....and it was kind of nice. kind of.
only because that means it's baby time. i've been waiting 9 long months for this time of the year
thank goodness, it just may be here!

who wants to throw a party??

if you are sending invites, i'd love to be invited....
i promise to bring a pumpkin or two!


Thursday, September 16, 2010


these are my boys + my rover
{who is still with me behind the camera....}
i would do absolutely anything on this earth to make sure their hearts were happy.
this pictures makes my heart happy.
they are my whole world.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


taking a break from all the baby-talk to do a little wedding planning....
definitely lots of white ruffle-ly flowers are a must...
i'm totally stealing this idea.....throwing paper hearts, pure genious!

rustic elegance, definitely the theme for our wedding next year.

totally different wedding, just liked the curtians, maybe a little too tropical resort for my taste, but still pretty!

can't decide what i love the most about this picture so i'm just gonna go with everything: the hay bales, the glance back, the holding hands, the background of mountians....i love it all!

i like her hair do- is that silly?

love the big red barn in the background...this of course was a montana wedding, maybe that's why i love it soooo much.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


no, not my pumpkin....i wish!
sounds like my little pumpkin won't be here for a while yet.....
just the beginning of many lessons i have to learn from my little man.
patience, i'm sooo not good at!
not good at all.
and i don't know if y'all noticed, but target has the halloween goodies out!
and by goodies i mean candy.... of course.
and of course, i didn't buy any.... (wink, wink) i mean really it is a bit early...
but since target can pull off the halloween and fall look, i figured it isn't to soon to start thinkin' about pumpkins.
here are some of my favorites, i'm sure there will be many more fun fall ideas to come!
also, if you think of it please say prayer my pumpkin comes before halloween :)
Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


no baby yet, but in the mean time i did set up a email account just for business
{it's been on the to-do list for quite a while now}

i've found that my personal email is getting bombarded with every advertisement in the world, {not your fault, mine, how did i get signed up for all of them is what i want to know!!!} but i'm going to try and simplify, divide and conquer my ridiculous email account by creating separate accounts for separate areas of life {ideally} this should work splendid, but we will see! :)

if y'all need me you can now reach me at

Happy weekend friends!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

{my bubs}

is it possible to go on baby vacation.

because i dreamt that last night....

my heart and my mind just can't get off the subject of baby.

my baby in particular.

is it bad that i already feel so full of love for him that my heart feels so full.

it also helps that i love his daddy so.






for now i will just keep dreaming, my baby vacation will come soon, so soon. just not tonight, i STILL do not have my bag, or baby's bag packed. i mean how do you really pack things you are going to need up until the day of the event?

my bubs first boots- cowboy boots of course... :)

{p.s we had photography class tonight, i'll be trying out all my mad photo skills soon, since now i know what the heck i'm really doing!}


Tuesday, September 7, 2010


is it november yet?
because i'm dying to get on my tall boots and leggings and cute ruffle-ly jacket.....

i'm a firm believer, that one should design/decorate their home, like they dress themselves.
your home should be a reflection of yourself and your lifestyle.
if I were a room, this is how i would like to look...

formal but still casual, classically simple, subtle colors with a bold statement piece thrown in, textures galore, personalized with accesories, and effortlessly thrown together.

or something of those sorts.... :)
for now i'll just take wearing something other than my elastic pants, i literally had to "release" a button the other day while driving! so pathetic, but for my comfort and sanity on the road, it had to be done.

happy tuesday!


baby onesies

$10.00 each
.custom made to size.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


well, it's maybe not quite 100% ....i'm sure i'll continue tweeking it when my babe comes home.
but here it is....

i love how it turned out {so far} and cannot for that final "accessory" for the room, my baby boy!

We honestly only purchased a few of the items in the room, everything else was either handmade, hand-me-down, gifted to us, or free!

I handmade the crib bedding, with some discount cowboy fabric I had eyed at a local store long before I knew we were having a boy. the day we found out it was a boy, i went out and purchased 3 yards of it for $12.00, and i think i've used just about every last inch of it! I loved the vintage quality of the print. I also loved all the warm colors in the fabric. It became the inspiration behind everything.

The bench was found in a dumpster {no joke.} and I gave it some paint and some leftover badding and discount bandana fabric, and it became this cute little reading bench for under the window.
The buckets I found in the dollar section at Target and I thought they'd make a fun storage place for baby toys. I added the stars which were a dollar at Michaels. A little bit of green paint made them pop against the black buckets. The John Wayne sign I found at an antique mall and fell in love. It went great with the cowboy fabric I already purchased, so obviously buying it was a no brainer!

The crib itself was gifted to us from our parents {rover's grandparents} which we are forever grateful for! I think I made Chance help me put it together back in May! So it's been ready for baby for quite some time now!

The dresser was also gifted to us from my grandparents. They had purchased one for my sister when she had her first child and they decided they would keep the tradition going. I love that we chose a dresser verses a changing table, so it can grow with him as he grows through the years. Plus, I think changing tables are tacky looking and really a big waste of money, most of them have no storage what so ever....which is something we need lots of around our place!

The artwork was Chance's dad's who passed away 3 years ago. I thought it would be neat to incorporate some of his stuff so that our baby is surrounded by memories of his grandpa jack. The buffalo print above the crib was painted by a man who was paralzyed and was painted by his mouth! pretty cool huh?!

The bookshelf is built in, and I just added some fun, red wire baskets to store booties, burpcloths, toys, ect.

the only "big" purchase we made out of our own pocket was the glider, which i insisted on having. there was nooooo wayyyy i was going to rock my baby in the old lazy boy Chance had from his dorm room days.....{sorry babe if you are reading this!} I know gliders aren't exactly the most appealing pieces of furniture but sometimes practicality rules over design, especially in a nursery setting. this rule also applies to our very "plastic-y" looking diaper genie. :)

I had to purchase a few accesories here and there, but for the most part this room cost us next to nothing which allowed us to save loads of $$. I'm a firm believer any room can be put together on a tight budget, and this goes to show it can be done. I hope that someday my boy will appreciate all the love that went into his sweet little room.
Happy Labor Day!

Friday, September 3, 2010

{labor day}

to celebrate. i have 3 full days off work. i'll be home.... relaxing.... with my boys. enjoying every last minute of it.

no work. and no labor for me this labor day.

{let's hope anyways! }

monday makes 37 weeks which means i'm fulllllll term! i've survived the roller coaster of 37 weeks and if the little man decides he wants to come, well, doc says he can come!

my heart can barely contain my excitment, i want to jump up and down and tell the whole world how happy i am, but i'm afraid my rover might not like that very much.... :)

hope you all have a relaxing labor day weekend!

{and don't forget to jump up and down a few times...for me. thanks!;) }

oh yes, and go big red! :)

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