Friday, August 6, 2010


friday, already!? where did the week go?

well good news my friends, baby berg has officially flipped! my doc says he knows his way out, which is a good thing, since our last appointment he was still breech. freaked. me. out. we also got to hear his heartbeat, love those moments. my {amazing} doc let chance put his hands on my belly and showed him where his little head and bottom where. pretty awesome. chance was so excited.

as for me?

well i've been eating a lot of these.....

....who knew you could eat these everyday and not get sick of them? and if y'all wanna know the secret to a yummy grilled cheese, its a hott skillet, lots of butter, and 2 {or three} slices of cheese!! heaven. on. earth.

plus a {few} quarts of these on the side....

and today I purchased {actually chance did...} my baby shower dress, which will also serve as my attire for the two weddings we have this month. oh how i love weddings....

sorry for the random "foodie" post, but these days thats about all i'm thinkin' and dreamin' about, besides my baby {who reminds me often with a few little kicks and flutters, which i LOVE}

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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