Tuesday, August 31, 2010


if you haven't noticed, lately i've been going rather "theme-less" through my blog posts. completely randomly posting whatever comes to mind, whatever is calling my name, whatever is providing me inspiration in that moment of the day. thus, sometimes i get a random cluster of photos on my hard drive. so sorry friends, bear with me, i promise i will go back to more "organized" thinking once this baby comes. here's my latest batch of inspiration.

green. my forever favorite color. love the simplicity

brick= classic and timeless.

chalkboard walls still get me every time, and that barn door.....don't get me started, i love the distressed look. beautiful.

i {adore} maps, maybe my rove will like maps too? i think he may.... :)

about a year ago exactly, is when i started this little blog adventure....never thinking in a million years i would actually grow to love it! i actually recall my last year at the University making fun of bloggers, saying "they should get a life if all they do is sit at home and document their lives, no one cares!" hah, guess i'm eating my words now! at first i did it just to get my feet wet in the blog world. i thought it'd be a great way to document my inspiration in design and decorating. little did i know that i would soon be documenting my journey through life as well as my inspirations along the way. how a year flies by is beyond me, but this last year most definitely did. and now here i am, still blogging{although my old blog lblumdesignsblog.com is no longer available} how i wish it was. i wrote some of my favorite posts this past year and my heart breaks that i can't see them and re-live those memories.
sometimes i'll run across a picture or memory that i blogged about on my old blog and it give my heart warm fuzzies.
this coming year will be a time of change. growth. learning. and living every day to it's absolute fullest.
i'm so glad you guys are here with me to come along on this journey. i truly hope you find something that inspires you.

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