Thursday, August 26, 2010


anybody else ready for fall? just about every week night since April, Chance and I have been going on evening walks. I used to either a) go to the gym or b) go for a walk/run by myself, outside.

that was until i discovered how much better it is to go for a walk outside with him along too! I love the extra hour of conversation we get, and how we can talk about our day, and how time passes without us even realizing. We talk about work, our family, friends, plans, our baby. everything. to me its precious time that i'm afraid i'm going to miss dearly when old man winter hits and we have to bundle up just to get to the gym. Hopefully the weather is beautiful this fall so our little family can get a few nice walks in before the white stuff falls. awww, can't wait!
here's a little {fall} inspiration to getcha in the mood.

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