Wednesday, August 4, 2010


once again, the week is flying by and i'm finding it harder and harder to blog as frequently as i would like....sad, but reality. i'm afraid this little blog here may take a backseat shortly.

on a positive note, its almost thursday!

I've been busy cleaning, nesting, and sewing.....preparing for my little rove. he will be here before you know it. and my belly is getting bigger and bigger by the day. a lady came in the store today, and bless her heart she made my entire week, when she asked "when are you due?" I replied "September 27th....." and she responded by "oh, my you are so tiny!" I about hugged her. greatest compliment you could ever give a 8 month pregnant woman. okay so maybe she was lying through her teeth, but seriously. she knew how to make a pregnant lady smile! :)

Rover's nursery is coming together, everyday I try to do a little something. It is just about complete and when it's done, i'll share pictures with you all.

well must get back to my to-do's never ending.

until next time, here's a few pretty "summery" pictures to look at....

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