Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I'm an overly happy momma tonight, we signed "papers" {aka wrote a check!} with the lady who is going to be watching Rover in November!

here's the story:
I was getting so sick of meeting daycare woman after daycare woman....who knew there were sooooo many in this town!? You know how you sometimes just "feel good" about someone, well this woman was our very first interview/meeting with a daycare provider and I left there feeling like, "oh my gosh, we have to have to get in with her!" It was hard to keep an open mind because she set the bar so high and made me feel good mama feelings in my heart that all the other ladies we met after her, just didn't have a chance. no one compared.

the bummer was that this woman didn't have an infant spot! go figure....
so of course i was heartbroken (aka seriously stressed!).

....until my awesomely patient and persistant man made a few phone calls.

and sure enough, it was a done deal tonight! We got in! Two other couples never got back to her, so she is holding Rover's spot for November and I couldn't be happier.

Moral of the story: God answers prayers and it's pretty awesome!

I also hired my replacement who starts training tomorrow at the store.

my two biggest "worries" have been lifted, and I am so very grateful....

now we just gotta figure out a name for this little fella growing in my belly! (besides Rover!) :)

{p.s. I've been playing around with ruffled booties, what do you think?}

and for anyone wondering how my baby booties come packaged...look below!

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