Thursday, July 22, 2010

{me,myself, and i}

Well, tonight, it's just me at home. Chance is out with the boys and all 30 weeks of this {big}mama is plopped down in front of my computer screen. jealous? i thought so! ;)
luckily, i've been entertained by all my favorite famous blogger friends (okay, so they aren't really my friends, but at 30 weeks i feel as though pregnancy may be taking over my body and making me i'm going to pretend tonight. )
i've stumbled upon this gal's blog before, but i've never blogged about her....but i seriously adore her style. it's so classic and simple. i may be her blog stalker- but i can't help myself it's all so pretty!

.horizontal striped curtians.
i want to do something similiar for our place.
they make a statement, without being overwhelming. love them!

I also love the sweet little touches of robin's egg blue.

white plates? in the living room.... who'da thought!? so unexpectedly awesome!

the khaki walls with the hint of blue on the framed mirrior + the silhouette.

you should really check her site out for yourself. you may be inspired too!

Happy Thursday! :)

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