Thursday, July 29, 2010

{i do}

admist baby planning...{i mean really... how do you really prepare and plan for a baby....?! haven't quite figured it out yet.} i've been meaning to do a little wedding planning. i know, i know, usually it goes wedding then baby. well not for us. for us, it goes baby then wedding. i like to think of ourselves as non-conformists. :)

however, wedding plans have been put on the backburner lately. But no worries, I have been gathering pictures of inspiration as I stumble upon them.... enjoy!
my favorite lilly of the valley

ha, this one just cracked me up, so i had to include it!

banana nut muffins? at a wedding?
okay maybe not, this may be pregnancy related hunger picture. oops!

pretty tablecloth

love the horse/rustic wedding theme. definitely going for that look...

okay I love everything, how casual it is, the time of day, the little brick pathway, the horse in the background, getting married under a tree. everything.

okay now applie pies at a wedding? yes ma'am!

i think the guests put their wishes on these tags and hung them from the tree, instead of doing a traditional guest book. I think it's cute, but maybe not practical in nebraska.

love the simplicity of the date on the invite. may have to copy something similiar for baby berg.

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