Tuesday, July 13, 2010


sorry friends- this week is flying by. every week closer to baby seems to go a little faster than the last....and my once "design" inspired blog has now turned into a baby "blah blah" blog. again i'm sorry. if you can't tell my mind and heart are on baby overdrive. but since I know you all are dying to know what i've been up to {only kidding! ;)}... here's some of the projects...

lovely little booties.

all i have to say is.....thank goodness i'm not having a girl! i can't even imagine the endless amount of girly booties I would be making at all hours of the day. I am already up to my ears in fabric and my sewing machine has had a permanent home on the dining table for the past 2 months! {Sorry Chance!}

These two pairs were ordered for a baby shower gift next month.

don't they just make you smile?

in addition to the booties...

i also whipped up a new boppy cover for baby. and custom crib bedding. oh yes and a random sunglass case i stitched up with some fabric scraps. i've been wanting to try out my ruffling skills so i figured this {small project} would be a good start. if you can't tell i've been living behind my sewing machine lately.

bubba's boppy cover

the nursery is off to a good start.....i'll post proper pictures when it all finished.

usually i'm not a zebra person, but i liked the green color- so I snagged a fat quarter and made myself a sunglass case. *please try not to notice my cheap-o sunglasses, someday I dream of owning a pair that cost more than $10....someday.*

oh, and to add one more random element, to this already very random post.

I really love this chalkboard....

happy wednesday! :)

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