Sunday, July 11, 2010


as i enter the final phase of life before baby...{week 29 tomorrow!} i get bittersweet feelings.

somedays i still have to pinch myself that i am a mommy.

and the fact that god trusts in me enough to give me the gift of his child.

because afterall we are only raising god's children. my baby is his baby.

my heart overflows with happiness.

and as i look back on the past 29 is a list of the few things i will miss when rover gets here.

1. eating for two....i mean seriously what's not to love about that...

2. seeing his little profile on the ultrasound, i'm secretly hoping i get one more peak at him before he finally get here.

3. feeling his jabs and kicks all day long. i love them.

4. not having to hold in my stomach, ever.

5. the incredible nesting phase {which is still occuring!}

6. smiles from complete strangers.

7. hearing my baby's heartbeat through a little sound machine. amazing.

8. the anticipation of what he will look like, smell like, be like, and what we will name him!

9. the shape of my belly.

10. feeling the first flutter of life.

and there is so many more...but i know having him here, in person, will be so much more awesome.

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