Tuesday, June 15, 2010


.....it's been thee best tuesday i've had in a long time {not that I don't enjoy every tuesday} but today was especially awesome, since we got to hear rover's heartbeat. i love looking at chance when its thumping.....his eyes light up, and i know he loves hearing him, since he can't always feel him. i also spent the day {since i had the afternoon off} in the lovely pool- loaded up with sunblock {spf 30}. :) anyone who knows me pre-january knows i've never really cared about my skin that much, (my old philosophy: a sunburn turns into a tan anyways....right? ) but not anymore. suddenly, everything seems so important. i want to make sure i'm here for my little man as long as possible.....even 70 years with rover, just doesn't seem like long enough to get to be with him......

Well once again a un-design related post-sorry friends....but here's some pretty pictures, i'm clearing off my desktop pictures, i seem to have collected quite a few inspirational photos over the past few months....so without further ado...
{and in no particular order....}

love the stick window treatments...so cute! (and affordable....) ;)

must have saved this one for wedding inspiration... i love cupcake stands...
adorable quilt- this was probably a pre-rover picture, but I love the colors regardless...

love the fowers....and the colors- a green & white wedding is on the to-do list for 2011
block letters....my fave!

another quilt i liked....such fun colors.

i adore her flowers....so pretty, again, green & white. :)

some lucky person is going to get a gift looking like this, from me....someday. :)

happy tuesday.

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