Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I go on a walk in the neighborhood nearly everyday, passing many houses. My rambling brain can't help but think who lives in them, and if i've ever ran into them at some point in my life or if we have mutual friends. surely we do. right? But the one thing I find so very interesting is that just about every single house has their blinds drawn, front doors closed, and garages shut. I wonder if anyone even lives in half the houses I pass because I have never seen the likes of anyone in all the times I've passed by. Why do people close off their houses? I just don't understand it....{besides for being resourceful with the a/c and everything, I get that!}
This house is a prime example of how beautiful a room can be without window treatments. It's open, airy, spacious, and best of all there are no window treatments distracting the eye from the focal point of the room, the beautiful table and chairs + the photographs of the children. I think we could all take a que from this room....

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