Monday, June 28, 2010


oh glad I am that you are just about over!

have you ever felt as though your head may possibly explode into thousands of tiny pieces, only to never be put back together again?!

i have.

today was less-than-extraordinary. I learned I would never want to have 13 kids under my care. nor would I ever want to drive 13 kids around in a large cargo van. we had a party of 13 6-year olds from a local daycare at the store today, and if that doesn't make you want to pull your hair out on a monday than i don't know what does. bless their hearts, i love children- always have. but 13 was a bit much for a monday.

on a lighter note.

we had a great weekend back on the farm, i'm seriously thinkin Chance and I may need to invest in a RV down the road- because eventually the Klute farm ain't gonna be able to hold our family every other weekend. My BIL and sister are just about the sweetest people ever, and I love how they let us come hang {and move in} for the weekend at their place (and let me get some Evan time!). I'm so grateful Chance and Derek are friends and Jen and I are friends. It makes life so much funnier when your family are also your friends. don't you think?

Oh yes and if we could do something to freeze Evan from growing that would be awesome. My favorite things are "tatta-too" for tatoo. "wes-wee" for lesley. "prapa" for grandpa. "acuz" for because. and a whole bunch of other things he says that I can't get enough of. i know someday will come when he pronounces everything correctly, but until then i want to record every cute litte word he says.

well, here's to another monday down. and a fun 4th of july weekend to look forward to! :)

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