Wednesday, June 30, 2010


i was born to create. so create i will. tonight is dedicated to baby booties if only i had a cute crafting/sewing station like this......

but for now the dining room will have to do! :)
Happy hump day!

Monday, June 28, 2010


oh glad I am that you are just about over!

have you ever felt as though your head may possibly explode into thousands of tiny pieces, only to never be put back together again?!

i have.

today was less-than-extraordinary. I learned I would never want to have 13 kids under my care. nor would I ever want to drive 13 kids around in a large cargo van. we had a party of 13 6-year olds from a local daycare at the store today, and if that doesn't make you want to pull your hair out on a monday than i don't know what does. bless their hearts, i love children- always have. but 13 was a bit much for a monday.

on a lighter note.

we had a great weekend back on the farm, i'm seriously thinkin Chance and I may need to invest in a RV down the road- because eventually the Klute farm ain't gonna be able to hold our family every other weekend. My BIL and sister are just about the sweetest people ever, and I love how they let us come hang {and move in} for the weekend at their place (and let me get some Evan time!). I'm so grateful Chance and Derek are friends and Jen and I are friends. It makes life so much funnier when your family are also your friends. don't you think?

Oh yes and if we could do something to freeze Evan from growing that would be awesome. My favorite things are "tatta-too" for tatoo. "wes-wee" for lesley. "prapa" for grandpa. "acuz" for because. and a whole bunch of other things he says that I can't get enough of. i know someday will come when he pronounces everything correctly, but until then i want to record every cute litte word he says.

well, here's to another monday down. and a fun 4th of july weekend to look forward to! :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

{no pictures}

just words. and that is enough for me.

Everything is as it should be in God's perfect timing.
The Lord is my Shepard.
I shall not want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters.
He restores my soul.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


yes, everyday I will be happier than a bird with a french fry. life is so sweet. god is so good.

i stumbled upon this website today....and i. fell. in. love.

hope y'all enjoy it too!


I go on a walk in the neighborhood nearly everyday, passing many houses. My rambling brain can't help but think who lives in them, and if i've ever ran into them at some point in my life or if we have mutual friends. surely we do. right? But the one thing I find so very interesting is that just about every single house has their blinds drawn, front doors closed, and garages shut. I wonder if anyone even lives in half the houses I pass because I have never seen the likes of anyone in all the times I've passed by. Why do people close off their houses? I just don't understand it....{besides for being resourceful with the a/c and everything, I get that!}
This house is a prime example of how beautiful a room can be without window treatments. It's open, airy, spacious, and best of all there are no window treatments distracting the eye from the focal point of the room, the beautiful table and chairs + the photographs of the children. I think we could all take a que from this room....


Do you ever just want to create? ....something...anything! I do. all. the. time. It's like a bad addiction. I was a born creater. I'm pretty sure my list to-do list of creations grows by the day. Yesterday for some {odd} reason, I felt it necessary to make some little girl baby booties to add to the line-up. Yes, I know i'm having a BOY, but I just was inspired to make something girlie. is the finished product....whatcha think? If they serve no purpose other than they make me smile....I am happy. :)
Happy Wednesday Friends!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


hum....something about white just hits the spot in the summer.
it's so fresh and clean.
maybe someday we will have a old white farmhouse in the country. with chickens, goats, pigs, cows, and horses. and a dog. yep that is my dream..... oh yes and house full of little muddy feet! {and of course a gallon of bleach}

white will always work for me.....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

{tuesday}'s been thee best tuesday i've had in a long time {not that I don't enjoy every tuesday} but today was especially awesome, since we got to hear rover's heartbeat. i love looking at chance when its thumping.....his eyes light up, and i know he loves hearing him, since he can't always feel him. i also spent the day {since i had the afternoon off} in the lovely pool- loaded up with sunblock {spf 30}. :) anyone who knows me pre-january knows i've never really cared about my skin that much, (my old philosophy: a sunburn turns into a tan anyways....right? ) but not anymore. suddenly, everything seems so important. i want to make sure i'm here for my little man as long as possible.....even 70 years with rover, just doesn't seem like long enough to get to be with him......

Well once again a un-design related post-sorry friends....but here's some pretty pictures, i'm clearing off my desktop pictures, i seem to have collected quite a few inspirational photos over the past few without further ado...
{and in no particular order....}

love the stick window cute! (and affordable....) ;)

must have saved this one for wedding inspiration... i love cupcake stands...
adorable quilt- this was probably a pre-rover picture, but I love the colors regardless...

love the fowers....and the colors- a green & white wedding is on the to-do list for 2011
block fave!

another quilt i liked....such fun colors.

i adore her pretty, again, green & white. :)

some lucky person is going to get a gift looking like this, from me....someday. :)

happy tuesday.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


It's almost friday friends so to celebrate I made a visit to the local fabric store and stocked up on some more fun fabric and for a whopping $7.52 I came home satisfied and inspired. Chance was out studying tonight, so what would any girl do- but go to the fabric store. okay so maybe I was the only one under the age of 30 in the store...i mean 40 in the store. but works for me. and its waaaaayyy cheaper than going to the mall right?! :) Well must get back to my fabric.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


If you know me, you know no room is ever fully "completed" in my world. I'm always tweeking- updating- arranging and then re-arranging again. It's called the life of a designer. But, for anyone's the bedroom so far....

This is on the other wall- along with the tv {sorry Dr.Phil!} - atleast I left that out of the picture. I'm on the lookout for a great piece of art (preferably with greens) to hang next to the C & L but for now, I have my trusty message board. I found the baskets on sale at Pier 1 for $5 a piece. I walked out with all they had. I made the chalkboard labels with some scrap wood and paint. The stand was Chance's fish tank stand {shhh...don't tell anyone!} This will probably change as soon as I find {make} the artwork for the wall. Until then....this will do!
Now, I must get thinking about Rover's room..... :)
Happy Tuesday Y'all!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Trying to prepare for rover means lots of organizing, moving, editing and planning. I've been stocking up on baskets and making my own chalkboard labels......pottery barn style only for half the price! I'll try and post pictures this week. I also snagged two {cute} mirrors on sale at HL this week for $26.oo! woohoo! as you can imagine I was smiling as I walked out of the store.....and Chance was quite impressed with my deals...or atleast he pretends well! ;) so he helped me hang the mirrors on either side of our bed, which i love! I've been wanting to break up the big {blah!} wall for sometime now, so i'm glad thats one more thing to check off the list! I posted my old computer desk on CL with hopes that maybe we can sell it...and buy something more accomadating for a growing family. Mama fab also went out and surprised us with a new crib today! We were so excited, I really wanted to break open the box, but the room is not quite ready for a big crib- and I promised Chance he could keep the {please forgive me} hand-me-down lazy boy he aquired in his dorm days at Burr Hall. What is it with men and lazyboys!? Hopefully the glider chair we purchased a few weeks ago will suffice until we have more room {a basement} for lovely things like lazyboys! :) Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

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